Sketch diary March 2015

Here are my sketch diary entries for March 2015.

week 10

week 11

week 12

week 13
You can see February's entries here and if you'd like to keep up with me on a weekly basis you can follow my diary on facebook here

Sketch Diary February 2015

Boy I'm late showing you February's sketch diary entries, it'll almost be time for the March sketches! Still, better late than never....

Week Six

Week Seven

Week Eight

Week Nine

You can see January's entries here

Turner's Fighting Temeraire in Miniature

Do you subscribe to the Dolls House and Miniature Scene Magazine? 

I have a 4 page article in the latest edition that shows you how to recreate JMW Turner's Fighting Temeraire. Here's an extract from page 2:

This was not an easy painting to do! I painted it three times in preparation for this article, the first one was the wrong colour (too much red)...

The second one's sky was too busy and dominant (although I have to say, this one is my favourite)

And the third one came out truer to the original.

If you have a go I'd be very interested to see your results, if you post them on my facebook page I'll share them with my followers!

Reply to UKIP's Mr Sen in response to their "Clockgate" open letter to me

By chance yesterday I came across an open letter from UKIP to myself on the UKIP West Lancs website. Since UKIP have denied me a right of reply, I have published my return letter to them below.

EDIT: I omitted to say that, unlike Mr Sen, I did the courtesy of emailing this letter to him more than 24 hours before publicly publishing it. With no acknowledgement and no appearance of my letter on their website as requested, my only recourse was to publish it here and on my blog.

Dear Mr Sen, 
Thank you for your open letter to me which I stumbled across this morning. I do not frequent this website often and am fortunate indeed that I found yourletter and am able to respond.

Most of the points you raise in your letter were discussed with you at length on my facebook page last night, however since you have now deleted all of your comments, along with some of my replies to those comments, I will respond again here. 

  • Regardless of UK copyright law (which guards against theft of all images whether they are created by professional artists, hobby artists or students) it is common courtesy to ask permission before taking an image and using it at will. A simple reverse image search would have brought you right back to my website from where you could have easily contacted me. The answer would have been a polite no, and “Clockgate” as you are now referring to it would never have happened. I am alarmed that even now, in possession of the relevant copyright facts, you still seem to think that it is OK to use the work of students and hobby artists without asking for permission first. 
  • I have NOT known about this for months as you claimed last night in one of your (now deleted) facebook comments, nor have I known about it for more than 6 weeks as you now state. 
  • I contacted the echo just over a week ago as I felt it was important to highlight UKIP’s lack of commitment to your manifesto pledge of ‘Protecting jobs and increasing prosperity’ and the local party’s statement that ‘UKIP will incentivise small businesses’ - not, as you imply, to self publicise or to politicise. 
  • At no time have I claimed any hardship and I have not at any time asked for any financial compensation for your use of my painting.
  • I stress that I do not want my work associated with ANY political party, your being UKIP is completely irrelevant.
  • The UKIP response to the Echo newspaper group acknowledged the image and promised to remove it ASAP. That message was passed on to me last Thursday so you have had a week to take it down, plenty of time to action your website developers. Furthermore, contrary to your (now deleted) facebook comments last night, at no time did I request that my details should be kept from you.
  • I do not deny that I wanted to maximise impact and I stand by my comments on my facebook page; indeed you will notice that I have not deleted any of them. The issue of copyright theft is very important to ordinary working artists and photographers and this kind of thing needs to be brought into the spotlight.
  • If visitors to my facebook page feel strongly enough to contact you then that is their absolute democratic right. 

Now addressing your reporter’s points in the blog post but not included in your letter to me.

  • The article was not printed in the Liverpool Echo, only in the smaller Ormskirk Advertiser - a weekly publication relevant to the people of Ormskirk. 
  • It really does not matter how much of your website the image occupies, it was still used without permission and I find your unwillingness to acknowledge this fact disconcerting. Again, it doesn’t matter that the piece’s title and my name were missing – a quick and easy reverse image search would have found me. 
  • Further, if you click on the Pinterest link that you have provided in your blog post you will be taken directly to my old shop. This shop is now empty but my name is very clearly provided along with contact details and a redirection to find my new shop. 
  • I only came across your open letter to me by chance. You posted some, but not all, of the content on my facebook page last night, content which you have now deleted.

Finally, as a dedicated mother myself, I am utterly horrified that you have brought your 3 year old daughter into this discussion. Regardless of whether your wife and daughter chose the image for the banner, it was very clearly your decision to use it on your website. I find it appalling that you feel it is acceptable to hide behind your 3 year old, exposing her to media attention in this way. I sincerely hope that you have not made her feel in any way to blame for her father’s current predicament. 

Since there is no way for me to create a login ID in order to publically respond on your blog I would like to exercise my right of reply and expect to have this letter published in full within 24 hours alongside your open letter to me. 

If you’d like to communicate with me, please feel free to write to me via email on – something you could quite easily have done all along if only you had done that reverse image search. 

Kind regards,
Stephanie Guy


You can read Mr Sen's letter to me here 

West Lancs UKIP have stolen my Ormskirk Clock Tower image to use on their website!

West Lancs UKIP have stolen my Ormskirk Clock Tower image to use on their website!

They didn't ask for permission and didn't credit me as the artist. Supporting local businesses? I think not. They have apologised but still not taken it down - why do they think that this is OK?

This is the image

And this is their website

They've had a week to take it down and it's still there. I'm not a happy bunny!

Sketch Diary January 2015

Following on from my previous blog post about my new sketch diary here are my entries up to the 1st of February 2015.

Week One

Week Two

Week Three

Week Four

Week Five

I'm really enjoying this challenge. My aim is to complete each day's sketch on the right day within a maximum of 15 minutes, and although I have to confess that on a couple of occasions I've done the sketch the next day, it's going really well so far.

It can be tricky to find something relevant every day - the process of choosing something and then drawing it is making me really appreciate the every day mundane things in life. There isn't something exciting happening every day but there is always something sketchable to be found - shopping for a new radio; cooking dinner; spending 2 hours getting a bike on the roof of my car in the cold (and hail); my daffodils going from fully closed to fully in bloom in just 2 days and so on - all worthy subjects!

It's not too late to join me - grab a bargain diary and get sketching!

Keeping a sketch diary

A Happy New Year to all my readers, I hope you all enjoyed the festivities! I had a lovely time with my family and friends, it was kind of sad to take down the decorations today.

What was your best Christmas present? I have two favourites - one was a blackboard mug which is surprisingly good fun, but the one I want to show you today is this:

and inside it looks like this...

I'm super excited about this - there's just enough space for me to record my year in sketches! This is an idea that we saw in the museum of life in Leamington Spa, where a lady from bygone times kept a sketch diary of all her social outings. It was really very interesting and much easier to browse than a written diary.

My diary's very first outing was to Costa Coffee in Ormskirk, one of my daughter's favourite destinations for completing homework and revising for exams.

By the end of the first week it looks like this:

Tuesday: my budgies Chiquitita and Lollipop

Wednesday (New Year's Eve): Jules Holland's Hootenanny - I love that program!

Thursday (New Year's Day): a cup of tea in my Edwardian teacup; our handmade chinese lantern fairy lights that we bought in Germany just before Christmas; and a fox screen cleaner that our Xmas house guest forgot to take back to the USA with her :( 

Friday: a gorgeous fox red labrador that daughter was puppy sitting

Saturday: a small part of our family New Year's meal and my birthday scooter (enjoyed by most of the oldies and only a couple of the younger more self concious adults of the family) 

Sunday: surprise surprise, we're back in Costa - the Maghull one this time for a change :D

I do hope you like seeing my sketches. I'll show you some more over the course of the year here on my blog and will be showing more regular updates over on my Stephanie Guy Fine Art facebook page

Did you get any good arty Christmas gifts this year? Share your favourite ones with me in the comments!