Sketch Diary January 2015

Following on from my previous blog post about my new sketch diary here are my entries up to the 1st of February 2015.

Week One

Week Two

Week Three

Week Four

Week Five

I'm really enjoying this challenge. My aim is to complete each day's sketch on the right day within a maximum of 15 minutes, and although I have to confess that on a couple of occasions I've done the sketch the next day, it's going really well so far.

It can be tricky to find something relevant every day - the process of choosing something and then drawing it is making me really appreciate the every day mundane things in life. There isn't something exciting happening every day but there is always something sketchable to be found - shopping for a new radio; cooking dinner; spending 2 hours getting a bike on the roof of my car in the cold (and hail); my daffodils going from fully closed to fully in bloom in just 2 days and so on - all worthy subjects!

It's not too late to join me - grab a bargain diary and get sketching!

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  1. Gosh Steph, what a great challenge. I keep a sketch journal but not a daily one, it's a great way to learn the 'art' of the quick sketch (no pun intended)
    popping in via the Folksy Forum
    Jan x


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