Brusho, Watercolour and Wax comparison

I recently discovered Brusho, a wonderfully vibrant form of watercolour. It really is an absolute joy to use - watching paint dry has never been so interesting!

For this comparison I chose to paint dance related ACEOs in preparation for a stall I was holding at my local dance school summer fete.

I found some lovely reference photos on Paint my Photo and sketched them out onto a spare scrap of A4 paper. When I was happy with the sketches I outlined them in black pen and using a window as a light box, I transferred the drawings to watercolour paper. I don't normally paint more than one of any design, but for the purposes of this comparison I thought it would be best to be able to view the colours and textures using the same subject matter.

Now for the fun!

The first lot are Brusho

 The second are watercolour (W&N professional grade)

And finally the watersoluble wax (Derwent Artbar)

Which are your favourites?