My #Inktober sketch diary for October 2015

Have you heard of #Inktober ? It's a challenge to do ink sketches throughout October and happily fits perfectly with my October sketch diary entries :)

Such a lot happened in week 40. Rory-dog had his first birthday which we celebrated by making sugar-free carrot cake muffins for him :) We had 2 noone-will-want-to-nick-these bikes-for-uni to fix up; I had my first German class; and we had the big uni drop-offs too. Exhausting!

week 40

My first empty-nester week was made more bearable by having Rory-dog to sleepover at the weekend. He's a darling.

week 41

Week 42 was a quiet one. I'm learning to knit and you never know, with a following wind I might just have a cushion cover done by this time next year...

week 42

 My children live in the laptop now.

week 43

Week 44 was such a fun time! Rory-dog came to stay for a whole 5 days - we were BOTH exhausted by the end of Sunday.

week 44

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