Framing Miniatures and my 2016 Kingfisher Series

2016 Kingfisher series

Have you ever seen a Kingfisher? I've only seen one once, so when I was recently commissioned to paint one I turned to the artist meets photographers facebook page 'Photos for Artists' to find a decent reference photo. I was not disappointed - the talented Peter Skillen had several to choose from. And therein my Kingfisher series was born. How could I choose from all those fabulous photos? 

6 x 4 inch watercolour, SOLD

6 x 4 inch watercolour, £20

6 x 4 inch watercolour, £20

And with a stamp for scale:

I wasn't quite finished...this one is an ACEO and measures just 2.5 x 3.5 inches

You guessed it - I still wasn't finished with these beautiful birds. The Kingfishers on both of these paintings are just 15mm high...

Framed miniature watercolour, £18

Framed miniature watercolour, £18

With stamps to show you how tiny these are...

Here are some photos in context.

Now how did I make those frames?

These are my tools...

And my helpers...

I've written a detailed blog post dedicated to miniature frame making, you can read it here

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