Sketch Diary September 2015

Welcome to my inky world!

The first week in September was taken up with rescuing the disastrous blackberry jelly-jam with bottles of liquid pectin. Thankfully I had three days with the part-time pup to help me recover :)

week 36

Ah the weather was kind during week 37. We borrowed my dad's touring caravan and took it off to the Peak District for a few days.

week 37

Highlights of week 38 included a couple of days with Rory (the borrowed dog) and singing in the church choir at a wedding on the Saturday.

week 38

On the 21st September my new super duper 15mm thick yoga mat arrived - I am the envy of the class :D

week 39
The last week of the month was a busy one. Rory was 1 year old so we made him a set of special birthday muffin cakes - basically carrot cake without any sugar. Yum said Rory and wolfed the lot down, paper and all. Lots of bike repairs happened during the week in anticipation of the university drop offs, which were on Thursday for my son, and Saturday for my daughter. They've both settled in really well.

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