Sketch Diary August 2015

Here's my sketch diary for August, another fun filled month in the Guy household!

Highlights of week 32 included a trip down the mines at Castleton and a walk along Froggat Edge in the Peak District at the beginning of the week, and a night at Derwentwater Youth Hostel in the Lake district at the end of the week.
week 32

Week 33 was very tense, Thursday was A level results day - thankfully the results were AMAZING and daughter Kit is now packing for university :) At the end of the week Rory (our part-time pup) came for his first overnight stay.
week 33

Week 34 was fun, we went to a friend's 50th birthday party on the Saturday
week 34

Week 35 contained the disastrous jam making experience. I was making blackberry and apple jelly but I think I measured the sugar wrong and had to take an emergency trip to Sainsburies for liquid pectin to sort out the vast quantities of blackberry and apple juice that I had made :')
week 35

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