Watercolour painting for children: The Magical Unicorn

Who would like a pet unicorn? 

Me too! I have never seen one, have you? I'm not sure they'd like to be kept as pets, but maybe one day I'll be lucky enough to have one come for tea.

Meanwhile, we can paint one.

So let's begin.

Watercolour painting for Children and Parents: Let's paint a Snowman!

Do you have snow where you live? It's January in the UK and there's no snow here, again. I live quite close to the coast, so even when it has snowed inland, it we rarely get any near me - isn't that sad?

But I can pretend it's snowed and paint the snowman that I might have made, right?

So let's begin.

Watercolour Painting for Children: Materials

Watercolour Painting for Children - who is it for?

My new  series of tutorials is designed so that parents and carers with no experience of painting and drawing can follow simple steps and learn alongside their children.

My target child is ten years of age or over, always under the close supervision of a responsible adult.

If you have a younger child, do try some of the tutorials with them, but always tidy away the paints and brushes yourself and again, closely supervise the whole activity.

What do you need?

Watercolour paints (also known as Aquarelle)
Go to a proper art shop (either in real life or online) and buy the best watercolours that you can afford. It may seem like a large outlay, but a small student grade set of Winsor and Newton, Sennelier, or Schmincke paints will make your child's paintings so much easier to create than if you went to somewhere like The Works or WHSmiths and bought their own brand paints which are chalky and full of fillers. Expect to pay around £20 for a Winsor and Newton Cotman compact set, and around twice that for Sennelier's La Petite Aquarelle or Schminke's Akademie sets.

Tutorial in Miniature: Frau mit Sonnenschirm vor Hutladen, 1914

In this tutorial I show you how to recreate this famous painting in miniature for your dolls house of miniature collection.

Sketch Diary: Tilly the Guide Dog Puppy

Goodness it's been a long time since I posted on my blog! My time has been taken up with a few commissions and teaching my class, but mostly with this gorgeous bundle of fluff. She brings me such joy, as well as incredible frustration and the odd expletive...it's a good job I have an almost limitless supply of patience.

Tilly's first weeks with me are documented here

Rather than overload you with with months worth of sketches I'll go easy on you and upload them a few at a time (but if you can't wait and want to catch them all now you can head over to my facebook album here).

Here are weeks 13 to 19...