A watercolour postcard home

Lucky lucky me - I recently got a freebie set of watercolour postcards from Cass Art in Liverpool. When we took our week's vacation in Wales this last week, I knew that I would have lots of spare time as my daughter and her friend had tonnes of revision to do for their forthcoming A levels. What better way to spend it than painting?!

If you follow me on Instagram you'll have seen that I regularly walk my friend's Fox Red Labrador (who has the most impossibly short and cutest legs that I have ever seen on a lab) so the first postcard home was addressed to Rory. We were staying on the coast in Wales, and Rory is a HUGE fan of water....

Next on the list was my wonderful Dad. He used to breed budgies when he was a lad, and I now own two beautiful budgies that we are hoping will breed, so it made perfect sense to me to paint my budgies at the seaside for him

I was wondering what to paint next when a seagull flew by. My in-laws live by the sea and love bird watching, so this was for them...

My very dear friend has an elderly black labrador who's beach visiting days are sadly over, he can't walk very far at all these days

What next? We met a very friendly bunch of sheep (yes, I know that they are really a flock, but such friendly animals deserve a friendlier collective noun) so my Aunt got this one

Now feeling in a VERY silly mood, my other aunt loves orchids and is very good at persuading them to flower year after year

And that's my postcard list covered :D

I still had time to spare, so on my facebook page I asked what else I should take to the beach...this suggestion pinged right back to me!

Do you think this counts as proof of posting? Hehehee

And here are all my paintings from our short stay. What fun!


  1. lovely selection of paintings, I'll miss our long beach walks this year now that the caravan is retired, hoping that the recently revamped garden will suffice :)

    1. Thanks for your comment Max :) Is it a long way to the coast for you? We only live about 7 miles away from the Lancashire coastline so it's not too far to go to get our seaside fix.

  2. This is a wonderful idea, what a lovely way to record your holiday - I'd copy it if it wasn't for one very small point....I don't have the talent!! Jan

    1. Thank you Jan :) Only 5 years ago I would have said that I didn't have the talent either....I now firmly believe that painting and drawing are skills, not talents, and given the right instruction anyone can do it. If it's something that you'd like to be able to do, enrol in a class and give it a go!

    2. Actually I don't altogether disagree. Years and years ago someone on the radio said that it was a question of' 'finding your medium (the topic was how many children are put off art at school) and I have had a book called 'Drawing with the right side of your brain' by Betty Edwards again for years, which is just fascinating. One of the first exrcises was a line drawing of an old man in a chair. You turn the picture upside down and copy the lines (the brain no longer sees a man just a collection of lines), I was astounded when I turned the page round. Maybe its time to dig out that book!.

    3. Oh yes that is a wonderful book, I learnt a lot from it and I still draw tricky things upside down. Faces are particularly hard, it's so difficult to draw what you see and not what you think you see.

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