Derwent Artbar Paintings

I never thought I'd say this, but I LOVE my Derwent Artbars.

I really struggled to get going with them when I bought them 18 months ago at the Society for All Artists (SAA) "It's All About Art" event in Manchester, England. My previous blog post here describes the battle in detail.

This year, we had that rare thing in England - a hot dry summer - and I finally made friends with them! I enthusiastically wrote a blog post explaining the best ways to get the most from your artbars, you can read that post here.

Today I want to show you some of my more recent artbar paintings - from tiny dolls house paintings up to A4 size. I've settled into using the artbars with a brush and water, picking up paint like you would from a watercolour pan, and also flicking paint directly from the artbar onto the painting with a brush.

I really enjoy using the artbars now, and can wholeheartedly recommend that you try them sometime.

I started off with the 24 artbar set, and yesterday I added the 12 artbar set to my arsenal. The way that Derwent have packaged them is quite good in that you don't get a lot of overlap between the sets - I have 7 new colours and only 5 repeats, one of these being white which I am sure to run out of soon.

If you are thinking of buying a set and don't want to go straight in with the complete set of 72 then I would recommend starting out with the set of 12 - the colours are clean and vibrant and very easily mixable.

And an added bonus is that Derwent tell me that all of their products are non-toxic - although they do break easily so would represent a chocking hazard for small children.

If you have tried artbars I'd be very interested to hear of your experience - I'd love you to leave me a comment to let me know how you have got on with them!


  1. Wow, the vibrant colours are amazing! Love this blog and your beautiful paintings!

    1. Thank you Margaret, I hope you're finding them as much fun as I do! I wonder if it's possible for you to post pictures in the comments here?

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