Learning a new skill - painting on silk

A couple of weeks ago I went on a course to learn how to paint on silk. What a revelation! I absolutely loved it: the thrill of seeing those colours come together in a wonderful loose style is amazing. I was so happy I was positively skipping along the corridor inbetween the painting and drying rooms!

Once I have researched and bought some materials of my own I will be producing a tutorial or two so that I can share my new found skills.

Meanwhile, here are the framed results from my class

Dreams of Summer

Spring Bouquet

How Does Your Garden Grow?

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  1. These are amazing results of your first attempt at painting on silk, imagine what you'll be capable of when you've had some practice!

    1. Thanks Margaret, it's so exciting to plan what I will paint once I've got some materials sorted. I'm smiling about it even as I type!

  2. Wow they are gorgeous. Looking forward to seeing the tutorials.


    1. Thanks Linda, I'm thrilled you're looking forward to my tutorials. I can't wait to get some materials ordered and get cracking!

  3. They all look lovely, but my favourite has to be the Dreams of Summer, I love the depth of this one, it almost looks 3D. Great work, can't wait to see more. Linda x


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