Why do I paint such tiny pictures?

What a good question!

18 months ago I was introduced to painting little 2.5 x 3.5 inch art cards by a good friend of mine, Brenda of Gweddus Art. These little paintings are known as ACEOs (Art Cards Editions and Originals) and you can read more about ACEOs here.

Brenda has a very distinctive and beautiful style, this is one of my favourites of hers.

Fantasy Purple ACEO by Gweddus Art

Another of my favourite folksy artists is Max of Paper Chains & Beads. This is one of her very striking ink art cards

Iris by Paper Chains and Beads

Hazel of Art in Wax creates all of her work using hot wax, either melted and painted with a brush or applied with a hot iron.

Poppy Lane by Art in Wax

Trevor of Trevor Harvey Art is a digital artist, and creates some wonderful art from his own photographs.

Yorkshire Landscape by Trevor Harvey Art

Annabel of Animal Glass Designs creates mixed media ACEOs using a laminated photograph glass paints.

Dragonfly Flower Pond by Animal Glass Designs

And finally for today I'll show you one of mine from my shop Stephanie Guy Fine Art. This one was created with watersoluble wax.

Dragonfly by Stephanie Guy Fine Art

As you can see from this selection, the style of ACEOs available is so varied, collecting them can become just as addictive as painting them!

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