Sketch diary 2015 by Stephanie Guy

This is my complete sketch diary for 2015 and phew, what a task that was! By October I was definitely finding it a challenge to keep going, but I am SO glad that I did. My diary for 2016 is very different, I have a two page spread per week with no minimum number of sketches and no maximum time per sketch and I'm hoping that this will stop me from getting bored with it.

Happy New Year 2016

A Happy New Year to all my friends and followers, I wish you lots of love, laughter and of course many hours of creativity splashing that paint around.

This is the January 2016 issue of the Dolls House and Miniature Scene magazine and what do you know - my very own tutorial showing readers how to recreate Norbert Goeneutte’s The Boulevard de Clichy under Snow, 1876, is the main feature on the front cover!

Of course those who follow me on facebook  will be well aware of this but I'm sure you'll all forgive me, I'm just too thrilled to be right there as the feature piece!

I don't really do New Year's resolutions (and it's too late anyway now), but this year I intend to blog more regularly. I hope to be able to bring you some miniature tutorials, some general chit chat and of course my new diary, which will hopefully be even better than last years. I'll get some photos taken of the last couple of weeks of my 2016 diary and then put together a new blog post for you here.

What are your New Year intentions? Did you make any resolutions and have you stuck to them?! Let me know in the comments section below.