Sketch diary: Holiday in Konstanz

My daughter Kit needs to decide whether to spend her 3rd year of her university life in Konstanz or Berlin. She's already been to Berlin so we thought it would be a good idea to go and check out Konstanz. And of course it was a great excuse for a holiday! 

It is so unbelievably beautiful at Bodensee (the German/Swiss/Austrian name for Lake Constance).Here are some sketches from our holiday with shockingly bad text by an enthusiastic German learner (ME!). I hope you like them...

Holiday in Konstanz 2016

The Journey 30.08.16
by taxi from Aughton to Manchester
by plane from Manchester to Stuttgart
by train
     from Stuttgart to Rohr
     from Rohr to Böblingen
     from Böblingen to Singen
     from Singen to Konstanz

               Ten hours later we arrive!

Wednesday Afternoon 31.08.16

Girl and ducks play in the Bodensee
Kontanz in the sunshine

Thursday Afternoon

Here we can see the University of Konstanz.
We sit ourselves on a bench on Mainau
and draw and paint.


Butterflies on Mainau Island

Friday Midday

We took a ferry on a very very beautiful day
to Meersburg.



No! Nothing to see here.

Saturday was a beautiful day in Zurich
On Sunday we took the bus to the lake swimming area at Horn.

We swam and played cards on the grass.


Monday 05.09.16

And now we have to go home.

    From the train in Singen;

                       In the airport coffeeshop;

Through the window.