2016's sketch diary is completely different to 2015's

By sheer determination and stubbornness, I made it to the end of my 2015 sketch diary. One quick 5 minute pen sketch every day...well OK, I didn't manage to do them all on exactly the right days but I was never more than 3 days behind at any one time. And I didn't use a timer so some of them may have overrun their allocated 5 minutes, although not by much. 

But I did get bored. By October I was very definitely fed up with just doing pen sketches, but felt that I had gotten so far so must continue to the end in that style. 

This year, to save myself from the boredom aspect, I have decided to vary my sketches. Sometimes colour, sometimes pencil, sometimes pen. Sometimes watercolour, sometimes coloured pencil, sometimes acrylic ink pen. Who knows, maybe even some glitter will make it's way into this one! 

The idea is for it to be fun, however that may be achieved.

Oh and this one will include a words to record feelings and other such stuff.

Here is my start:

If you wish to see last year's diary in all its glory, follow this link

Do you draw a diary? I'd love to see it - do please leave your link in the comments below.