My community page

My community page is beginning to take off, and over the next few weeks 2 more artists will be joining me, taking the total to 4...great news! So now I think it's time to create a page just for me.

Creating facebook pages is quite simple...on the top right hand side of you facebook home page you will find a link to the "Help" facility. Type in "create page" and it will give you the link. I tried to post a link here but the URL looked specific to me, and that wouldn't help you at all!

From then on facebook gives very good prompts to tell you what to do. TOP TIP, when you are asked to like your page, do it! I didn't, and am having a terrible job trying to like my page afterwards.

I used my folsky shop avatar as both my profile pic and my cover story pic for continuity.

It's still very much work in progress, I have to upload all the  photos of my work yet...but here is my new page:

If you have time, please like my page - when I have a few followers I can change the name to something easier to remember!

Have a great day!

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