Exciting news - I have had my first commission!

Exciting news - I have had my first commission! Woohoo!

After two and a half day's procrastination, it really is time to buckle down and get on with it.  The commission I have been given is to paint two separate watercolours of two local pubs. The first is the Buck I'th Vine Inn, Ormskirk, a grade 2 listed building and one of the town's oldest buildings.

So that my final piece will be a really good painting, on larger works I always do at least one smaller painting first, concentrating on each section that I think might be tricky. Being a poor penniless artist I have to make every stage of the painting process work for me, so my smaller paintings are complete works in themselves that I can market separately to the final piece. In this case my final piece is already sold - lucky me!

Here is my first finished piece, measuring 5" x 7".

I'm happy with this, and don't think I need to do any more smaller paintings, so the next stage is to sketch out the whole pub and get to work painting!

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